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    Cloth products (Rolls), Range and Application

The rolls are used either to make belts for mechanical application; or are used as spiral wound on drums; or as a replacement to sheet goods as they reduce wastage.

Sr.No Products Abrasive Bond Grit Range Form Applications
1 Emery cloth Emery Glue 16-220 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Hand & light machine sanding of metals, rust removal polishing of metals.
2 Aloxite Cloth Aloxide R/G 24-800 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Contour sanding of stainless steel, high carbon steel, non ferrous metals & hard wood
3 Alo. Resin Industrial cloth Aloxide R/R 24-1500 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Agressive & heavy duty grinding/sanding of metals non-ferrous metals. Hard wood, plywood
4 Silicon Cloth Silicon Carbide R/G 24-800 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Sanding of low tensile material, e.g. glass, ceramics etc.
5 Silicon Resin Industrial cloth Silicon Carbide R/R 24-1500 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Agressive & heavy duty sanding of Stainless steel strips & tubes, Particleboard sanding, Cast iron, rubber etc.
6 Silicon Water proof cloth Silicon Carbide R/R 24-600 Rolls, Belts, Discs For wet application in conjuction with water, water-soluble oil for glass, zinc alloy etc.
7 Handy Sandy Cloth Aloxide R/R 50-120 Roll & Sheet Dry application on good misc. jobs

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