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Belts Range

    Belts Range and Application

Belts are used on belt sanding machines, platen grinding machines, for grinding of metal components, wood, glass etc.

Sr.No Products Abrasive Bond Grit Range Form Applications
1 Emery cloth Emery Glue 16-220 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Hand & light machine sanding of metals, rust removal polishing of metals.
2 Aloxite Cloth Aloxide R/G 24-800 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Contour sanding of stainless steel, high carbon steel, non ferrous metals & hard wood
3 Alo. Resin Industrial cloth Aloxide R/R 24-1500 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Agressive & heavy duty grinding/sanding of metals non-ferrous metals. Hard wood, plywood
4 Silicon Cloth Silicon Carbide R/G 24-800 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Sanding of low tensile material, e.g. glass, ceramics etc.
5 Silicon Resin Industrial cloth Silicon Carbide R/R 24-1500 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Agressive & heavy duty sanding of Stainless steel strips & tubes, Particleboard sanding, Cast iron, rubber etc.
6 Silicon Water proof cloth Silicon Carbide R/R 24-600 Rolls, Belts, Discs For wet application in conjuction with water, water-soluble oil for glass, zinc alloy etc.

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Grinding and polishing Machines


Tube / Rod Polishing Machine

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